The Cittaslow Philosophy

Quality of Life stands for: having full access to the facilities, services and amenities which make living in a town easier and more enjoyable.

Slow Life means slowing down; ‘festina lente’, as one used to say in Latin. This means constantly striving for a more conscious way of life in the modern age. In other words, making full use of the best from the past with all the possibilities of the present and future.

All of these will result in technological opportunities and modern solutions in areas such as communication, transport, income generation, production and sales.

A simple way of life

Life in a Cittaslow and its governance is in actual fact a way of maintaining the traditional way of life instead of just following present trends, by which we mean less hectic, less consumerist and with less speed. There is no doubt that this is a more humane, environmentally friendly and sustainable way of life for both present and future generations. The project respects small realities in an ever-more globalising world.