Slow for a better life

The Cittaslow manifesto states: “We are looking for towns brought to life by people who make time to enjoy a quality of life; towns blessed with quality public spaces, theatres, shops, cafés, inns, historic buildings and unspoiled landscapes; towns where healthy eating, healthy living and enjoying life are central to the community.”
Source: ‘Cittaslow manifesto’

It is for this reason that ‘Slow Food’ has constantly been on the lookout for quality of life and why this turned out to be the most important source for its success and expansion worldwide. ‘Slow Food’ and the municipalities that mirror these ideas set up the international Cittaslow network.

Global Slow Food partners

In the present age of ‘speed’, when everything seems to be measured in terms of production, such a goal may seem utopian. However, Mayors of a large number of towns have joined forces with Slow Food to create the large communal project that is Cittaslow. Since its establishment in 1999 the movement now encompasses 135 towns and cities in 20 countries worldwide and has brought together governments, residents and Slow Food partners.

Click here for the International Network. The joint goal of everyone is to share experiences with regard to outstanding food produce, income generation, quality of service and environmental awareness.

Cittaslow Manifest

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