Cittaslow World Village

Local communities flourish when given the opportunity to recognise and share their special qualities, particularly when they discover they have a unique identity which is valued by others.

While the Cittaslow World Village creates unrivaled possibilities for the exchange of products and ideas, it may also lead to a homogeneity which can be detrimental to individuality and creativity on a local level. An alternative vision which is quickly gaining in popularity is the idea that striving for excellence, and sharing this with others, is a life-enriching experience accessible to everyone, not just the privileged few, This is the Cittaslow network motto.

Slow Food Network

The Slow Food Network, which originated from the quest for quality of life on the basis of the pleasure of good food, already has an established international reputation and a global network of 70,000 members. The towns and cities that have embraced the Slow Food principles form the Cittaslow network. These towns will conduct similar experiments and will adhere to the shared code of conduct which underlines the importance of quality of life in their local regions, as well as good food (of course), wine, and hospitality to visitors (who are after all temporary residents)!